Our Staff

Johnny Hadlock
Executive Director
444 N. Capitol Street, NW
Suite 237
Washington, DC 20001
(e) info@sso.org
(p) 202-508-3800
(f) 202-508-3801

Johnny Hadlock, Program Manager of NAGARA, is the day-to-day contact for NAGARA, providing general management support and communications, membership services, meeting and event management and overall support to the NAGARA Board of Directors, members, committees, sponsors, and partners. Johnny works in collaboration with the NAGARA Board of Directors, as well as various employees of State Services Organization, to oversee and ensure all accounting and financial management, technology services and marketing initiatives are carried out successfully, per the Board's request.

Additionally, Johnny collaborates behind the scenes with State Services Organization's staff, including:

  • Audrey Williams, Controller
  • Fabio Andrade, Jr., Chief Financial Officer
  • Tyrone Spears, Senior Accountant
  • Nikki Hecht, Director of Marketing and Communications

Please contact Johnny Hadlock via email at info@nagara.org or phone (202) 508-3800, with any inquiries you may have.​