There is “So Much to Discover” with NAGARA at our 2023 Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. We information management professionals are charged with safeguarding and making available publicly owned information. We carry out our duties in an ever-changing environment. What we took for granted ten, five, or two years ago is frequently overtaken by new technologies, methodologies, processes, and opportunities. What can you add to the conversation? Is something happening in your corner of the records management/archival world that others would benefit by learning? Is there a story you are bursting to share? Propose a Conference session. Your expertise may prove to be exactly what others came to the conference hoping to discover.
The NAGARA Program Committee encourages applicants from all levels of government, backgrounds, and experiences to submit an idea for the 2023 Conference. NAGARA believes we can only offer the best sessions when everyone’s ideas and contributions are welcomed to the table. So what are you waiting for? Submit a proposal today!
When submitting a Conference session proposal, please consider how it ties into our theme of “So Much to Discover” and:
  • Informs: Tell the audience about a topic in order to transfer knowledge.
  • Improves: Provide the audience with new knowledge that can be applied.
  • Inspires: Energize the audience with innovative ideas.
  • Involves: Include the audience, the profession, and our users.

Session Details

The 2023 Program Committee will evaluate proposals relative to these questions:

  • Is the proposal complete?  How strong is it?
  • What special expertise/background do the speakers bring to the subject matter?
  • Does the proposal address NAGARA’s goal of diversity of experience, opinion, background, expertise, and thought?
  • Is the proposal relevant to NAGARA’s membership?
  • Does the proposal complement the conference theme "So Much to Discover"?

Reminders for Proposal Submitters and Session Participants:

The 2023 NAGARA Annual Conference will be an in-person event. Government information professionals who participate in the program must register for and attend the conference in person. To offset costs, NAGARA will provide session presenters with a 25% registration discount.

Proposals are due on Friday, January 13, 2023.

Connect with others who are seeking ideas and/or collaboration on session proposals using this Google spreadsheet. If you have never given a presentation before, or are uncomfortable with public speaking, don't worry! View this presentation by seasoned presenters to help you prepare!