May 2020 - Exploring a New Funding Source: NHPRC

OVERVIEW: NHPRC, the grant-making body of the National Archives, has five programs with annual or semi-annual application deadlines. During this webinar attendees hear a short history of the NHPRC, an overview of its programs, and gain insights into the grant application process. By the end of the webinar, attendees should feel ready to dive into that backlog of projects and be ready to pick one out for NHPRC's next application deadline.

 THEMES: Grants

(NOTE: ICRM no longer provides pre-approval for events less than one hour in length; however, you may still petition ICRM to receive credit for attending this webinar, which is usually approved in most instances)

 SPEAKER: Nancy Melley, Director for Technology Initiatives, NHPRC

 Duration: 35 Minutes

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Webinar Recording

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