Communications Committee

Helping the association achieve its goal to “Enhance the image and reach of NAGARA”

Members of the NAGARA Communications Committee work alongside the NAGARA Board of Directors and NAGARA staff to help the association enhance its image and reach. We know social media is the most popular communication medium of our time. Members of this committee advise, monitor, manage, and draft and post content to the association’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts). Committee members also take the lead in drafting creative content for NAGARA’s quarterly e-newsletters and other communication campaigns. Volunteers also find interested contributing authors and gather interesting articles published by other news websites related to the archives and records management industry for NAGARA member consumption. Other tasks include the following:

Developing website and social media content, including member highlights for the annual Records & Information Management Month campaign (April) and American Archives Month campaign (October);
Communicate NAGARA news to members;
Solicit members for news worthy of communicating;
Coordinate with the Advocacy Committee to publish NAGARA’s position and policy statements;
Coordinate with the Professional Development Committee to promote PD opportunities for members ;
Coordinate with the Membership Committee to promote membership initiatives;
Coordinate with the Program Committee and Local Arrangements Committee to publish Annual Conference plans, session proposal deadlines, and arrangements;
Coordinate with the Executive Director, President, and members for quarterly publication of NAGARA’s membership newsletter, including solicitation of content and communicating with graphics artist.

Interested in serving on the NAGARA Communications Committee? Let's us know by e-mailing

Committee Volunteers

Rebekah Davis (Chairman), Archivist, Limestone County Archives
Adam Hansen,
Records Manager & Imaging Lab Director, Lucas County, OH
Arlethe Rios,
Clerk, Cochise County Board of Supervisors
Austin Schulz,
Archivist, Idaho National Laboratory
Brandy Rinearson,
City Clerk, City of Port Orchard, WA
Casey Pearce,
Records System Coordinator, City of Colorado Springs, CO
Lauren Katz, Outreach and Advocacy Manager, Utah Division of Archives & Records Service Management
Sally Blanchard-O'Brien, Archivist II, Vermont State Archives & Records Administration
Tamara Martin, California State Archives
Patty Davis,
United States Department of Justice