Advocacy Committee

To build awareness for the needs of our members and their profession

Members of the Advocacy Committee work to successfully advocate for/or educate government archives and records administrators, elected leaders and legislative bodies, and other stakeholder to meet the changing needs of the membership and the profession.

Drafting and maintaining the core values statement;
Defining and acting within the NAGARA advocacy agenda;
Partnering with related organizations to carry out advocacy efforts;
Researching, drafting, and coordinating dissemination of issue/position statements;
Drafting and working within the publications protocol for researching, writing, reviewing and releasing white papers and other NAGARA’s statement.

Interested in serving as a representative on the NAGARA Advocacy Committee? Let's us know by e-mailing

Committee Volunteers

Mark Walsh (Chairman), Old Dominion University
Beth Cron,
National Archives and Records Administration
Casey Coleman,
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Galen Wilson, National Archives and Records Administration 
Jelain Chubb,
State Archivist, Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC)
Katherine Stotis,
Independent Contract Archivist
Kathleen Williams,
National Gallery of Art
Mariessa Dobrick, CA, Archivist II, Vermont State Archives & Records Administration
Marissa Paron,
Senior Project Officer, Library and Archives Canada
Nick Connizzo, 
Independent Contract Archivist 
Patricia Mitchell, Tennessee State Library and Archives
Patty Davis,
United States Department of Justice
Rebekah Davis,
Archivist, Limestone County Archives

NHPRC Commission NAGARA Representative (learn more here)

Kaye Lanning Minchew, retired Executive Director of Troupe County Archives (GA)

Joint Working Group on Issues & Awareness NAGARA Representatives

Mark Walsh (Chairman)Old Dominion University
Patricia Mitchell, Tennessee State Library and Archives

Archival Advocacy at Home: Preparing and Messaging for Visiting Your District Congressional Office

Archives are often easy targets for losing federal funding and assistance - but it doesn’t need to be that way! Many times, simply advocating for and educating your elected representatives and their staff about the vital role of archives and the value of archival collections can turn ambivalence or hostility into loyal support!

The webinar presentation below was original broadcast on Thursday, April 18 by members of the Joint Working Group on Issues and Awareness (a committee of CoSA, NAGARA, RAAC, and SAA). The purpose of this webinar was to prepare members of our organizations with messaging ideas and other practical advice for contacting their Representative or Senator. We invite everyone to view this webinar and download important Advocacy Guide information.

After viewing this webinar, you'll be better prepared with the information and tools necessary for a successful visit to your elected representative's office!