Professional Development Committee

Helping the association achieve its goal to “Offer well-respected and desirable educational training opportunities to our members"

Members of the NAGARA Professional Development Committee work alongside the NAGARA Board of Directors, Committee Chair and staff to grow and enhance the Local Government Archives and Records Administration Certificate (LGARA) Program, assist in the management and evaluation of LGARA applications, assist in the planning and management of NAGARA's Annual Conference and Regional Forums, enhance the NAGARA Resource Library, and help identify topics and recruit presenters for The NAGARA Webinar Series. Members also help create NAGARA-originated content as well as explore options for association-hosted courses/classes for the LGARA certificate.

Interested in serving on the NAGARA Professional Development Committee? Let's us know by e-mailing

Committee Volunteers

Pari Swift (Chairman), University Records Manager, The Ohio State University
Andrea Riley, 
National Archives and Records Administration
Beth Cron,
National Archives and Records Administration
Caryn Wojcik,
Government Records Archivist, Michigan Records Management Service
Cherry Lawson,
City Clerk, City of Bloomington, IL
Christopher Magee,
Records Management Policy and Outreach, NARA
Holly Dolan,
Records Manager, Denton County, TX 
Janet French,
Records and Forms Analyst, Idaho Transportation Department
Jannette Goodall,
City Clerk, City of Austin, TX
Jen Haney Conover,
Records Manager, Warren County Records Ctr. & Archives, OH
Laura Saegert,
Assistant Director of Archives, Texas State Library and Archvies Commission (TSLAC)
Mary Arnold, Records Management Administrator, Cook County, IL
Megan Wheaton-Book,
Records & Information Management Specialist III, Vermont State Archives & Records Administration
Michael McNeil,
Digital Archivist, California State Archives
Nathan Owens,
Records Manager, Ohio Attorney General's Office
Pat Franks,
Associate Professor and Coordinator, Master of Archives and Records Administration, San Jose State University
Patty Davis,
United States Department of Justice