Special CoSA Webinar: Task Force on Technical Approaches to Email Archives: Update and Discussion

04/17/2017 2:00 pm

Tuesday, April 18, 2017; 3 pm Eastern, 2 pm Central, 1 pm Mountain, Noon Pacific 

Please join CoSA on Tuesday, April 18th for a specially arranged presentation from the Task Force on Technical Approaches to Email Archives. The Task Force, formed in September 2016 and sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Digital Preservation Coalition, is charged with (a) reexamining and assessing current efforts to preserve email; (b) articulating a conceptual and technical framework in which these efforts can operate not as competing solutions, but as elements of an interoperable toolkit to be applied as needed; and (c) constructing a working agenda for the community to refine this technical framework, adjust existing tools to work within this framework, and begin to fill in missing elements.  The Task Force will prepare a report of its findings, including recommendations for specific actions to be taken within two to five years to assure that archives can safely accession and preserve email records.

In this project briefing specifically arranged for CoSA members and state archives staff, Task Force members will report on the Task Force's work to date and solicit feedback and input from the CoSA community. This input is critical in helping Task Force members shape the final report and recommendations that will be issued in late 2017.  CoSA has signed on as a “Friend of the Task Force,” so take this opportunity to become familiar with the work of the Task Force.  

Webinar panelists include: 
Kate Murray, Library of Congress & Chris Prom, University of Illinois, Task Force Co-Chairs
Wendy Gogel, Harvard
Joel Simpson, Artefactual Systems
Glynn Edwards, Stanford

If you have specific questions you'd like members of the Task Force to address in their presentations, send them in advance to rjulson@statearchivists.org. 

Webinar Technical Details:
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