2021 Call for Session Proposals

NAGARA is excited to announce that all professional development programming in 2021 will be offered online. Indeed, NAGARA will be hosting four (4) seasonally-held Online Forums (each comprised of between 4-5 learning sessions), as well as eight (8) 101-level webinars and four (4) 201-level webinars.

NAGARA is seeking session proposal submissions that fit into one (or more) of the Webinar and/or Online Forum Themes below, identified and selected from the results of NAGARA's 2021 Professional Development Survey.

  • Winter Online Forum – Microsoft Office 365
  • Spring Online Forum – Emerging/Surging Technologies: Thinking outside the Records Management Box
  • Summer Online Forum – Legal and Compliance Considerations for Archives and Records Management
  • Fall Online Forum – Government Archives in the Age of Information

You can read more details about each of the Webinar and Forum themes below the SUBMIT button.

NAGARA's monthly Webinars reach between 100-300 attendees each, while Online Forums average around 280 attendees each. Submitting a proposal is a great way to share your content with a national audience of archivists and records managers. Have you conducted a local presentation or workshop and now you’re ready to bring it to a national audience?  Have you tackled a particular issue and want to share the results? Are you passionate about a particular archives or records management topic and want to share your knowledge?  These are all great reasons to submit a 2021 session proposal for consideration!

The call for session proposals will remain open until Friday, September 25, 2020! SO REVIEW THE THEMES BELOW AND SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL TODAY!


NAGARA is looking for proposals to fill 8 101-level and 4 201-level webinars.  We are also exploring other professional development opportunities, such as workshops.  Listed below are some of the categories that stood out in the professional development survey.  These are ideas only. Webinar proposals can be submitted on any records management, archives, technology, or compliance topic. Maybe you have an amazing topic, project, or case study not listed here. Submit it!  

  • Appraisal
  • Essential (Vital) records / Disaster response & recovery
  • Creating digital collections
  • Web archiving
  • Archives security
  • Outreach/Advocacy (working from home, teaching with primary sources, etc.)
  • Training development
  • Developing retention schedules
  • Electronic Records Management / Email Management
  • Content/Document/Records management systems and storage environments (procurement, evaluation, design, use, decommissioning, etc.)
  • Native formats and metadata (recognizing it, different types, value, preservation)
  • Case studies of state or local governments successfully implementing federal policies
  • COVID-19 case studies (retention of new series related to COVID, appraisal, historical value)
  • Developing relationships and bridging gaps
    o RIM and IT
    o Archives and RIM
  • Growing in the profession, advocating for yourself
  • Supervisory and mentoring skills, recruitment, leadership
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in archives and records management
    o Addressing diversity or lack of diversity in collections
    o Identifying, arranging, describing and providing access to records related to race and marginalized or underrepresented communities
    o Barriers to access to information for marginalized people/communities
    o Barriers to entry into the profession
    o Microaggressions in the workplace
    o Salary negotiation


Friday, January 29, 2021

FORUM THEME: Microsoft Office 365

With the rapid transition to telework, many government organizations have had to quickly adopt Microsoft Office 365 to continue their business operations. Office 365 provides an online platform for users to collaborate, create information, and communicate. However, information professionals aren’t sure if the records management functionality is sufficient to meet their statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements.

This forum could explore the many offerings in Microsoft Office 365 and how to address information management challenges related to:

  • Migrating to Office 365
  • Getting set up in Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Email
  • eDiscovery in Office 365
  • Security and Compliance Center
  • Capabilities of different Microsoft Office 365 offerings
  • Implementing records management strategies 
  • Labelling
  • How to perform disposition in Office 365
  • Case studies
  • Third party tools


Friday, April 30, 2021

FORUM THEME: Emerging/Surging Technologies: Thinking outside the Records Management Box 

Archivists and records managers are looking beyond tools specifically for records management to tools developed for other use cases. Tools could be repurposed to assist with records management. This forum would address how archivists and records management can use cutting edge technologies to solve RM challenges.  

This theme could explore: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) I for small institutions
  • Machine Learning on a small scale
  • Ethical implications of cognitive technologies
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Expanding cloud services 
  • Data Lakes 
  • Blockchain
  • Social media capture and management


Friday, July 30, 2021

FORUM THEME: Legal and Compliance Considerations for Archives and Records Management

Archives and Records management serve legal and compliance functions, and also have ensure compliance in a variety of areas.  How can we keep up with laws and regulations?  Can we partner with other professions for stronger compliance?  

This theme could explore: 

  • eDiscovery
  • Privacy/PII/security
  • Public records/FOIA
  • Information governance
  • Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
  • 508 compliance for archivists and records managers
  • E-signature policy and guidance 
  • Identifying essential records


Friday, October 29, 2021

FORUM THEME: Government Archives in the Age of Information

More and more archival collections are being received in electronic format.  As archivists have spent more time teleworking, they may have turned their attention to how to better manage electronic records. This creates challenges for archivists such as appraisal and accessioning of large collections of structured data and unstructured records. 

This theme could explore: 

  • Electronic preservation
  • Email preservation
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Digital/Electronic accessions
  • Appraisal of electronic collections
  • Processing electronic collections
  • De-accessioning electronic collections
  • Identifying confidential data in collections along with appropriate access restrictions
  • Preservation of diverse electronic record formats
  • Capture and preservation of social media content