(WEBINAR) The Bridge is Built...Now Can We Get People Over It?

This webinar presentation will share the steps one small cross-agency team took to develop a guidance document that combines current records management best practices with the requirements of Wisconsin's Admin Code 12 (a 20-year old requirement still used by the state that outlines certain electronic records requirements).

DATE & TIME: Thursday, February 4, 2021 | 1PM EST

DURATION: 45-60 Minutes

PRICE: FREE for Members; $29.00 for Non-Members

CREDITS: 1 CEU (ARMA International) 1 ARC (ACA)

GARA CERTIFICATE CORE COMPETENCY AREA(S): "Records and Information Management Basics" OR "Retention and Disposition" OR "Electronic Records and Information Management" OR "Legal and Compliance Issues"

OVERVIEW: In 2001, the state of Wisconsin approved Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter Admin 12, which outlines the requirements state and local agencies choosing to maintain records electronically need to have in place to ensure they remain accessible, accurate, authentic, reliable, legible, and readable over time. Jump forward nearly 20 years to a vastly different technological environment, yet the Code still holds true.

This webinar presentation will share the process one small cross-agency team took to develop a guidance document that combines current records management best practices with the requirements of Wisconsin's Admin Code 12. The resulting document provides actionable steps and guidance to help state and local agencies manage both digitized and born-digital records throughout their lifecycle, as well as guidelines for selecting and developing information systems.

This webinar presentation will also cover both the successes and challenges that were part of the development process. 


  Sarah Grimm
Records Officer
University of Wisconsin - Madison

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2/4/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Comfort of Your Home or Office
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