(201 WEBINAR)There’s Gold in Them Repositories! How File Analysis & Digital Preservation Future Proof Government Records

This 201-level webinar, sponsored by NAGARA's Strategic Partner Preservica, will explore proven techniques for analyzing unstructured content to excavate ROT data, enrich metadata, and mine for resources that need to be future-proofed.

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 | 1PM EST

DURATION: 45-60 Minutes

PRICE: FREE for Members; $29.00 for Non-Members

CREDITS: 1 CEU (ARMA International)1 ARC (ACA)

GARA CERTIFICATE CORE COMPETENCY AREA(S): "Electronic Records and Information Management" OR "Archives and Long-term Preservation"

OVERVIEW: Government agencies have been collecting electronic records since the 1970’s. That’s 50 years of born-digital government records to track, manage and disposition – no easy task! Not to mention the millions of government records created and stored on paper and film that have been digitized to improve retrieval and access. The resulting deposits in file shares, document management systems and other content repositories are overwhelming and can represent significant risk and cost to an agency.

Faced with tight budgets and an exponential increase in digital information under management, public sector records managers and archivists are uniquely challenged to balance accountability and transparency of government actions and decisions with efficient records capture and preservation. Information governance must adapt to address all the ways that digital information is created, shared, stored and protected across custodians and time.

This webinar will explore proven techniques for analyzing unstructured content to excavate ROT data, enrich metadata, and mine for resources that need to be future-proofed. By combining file analysis with active digital preservation, government information professionals can help their agencies reduce storage costs and the burden on users, improve records search and retrieval, facilitate records transfer and migration, and ensure long-term temporary and permanent electronic records remain authentic and are accessible to their constituents now and far into the future.

 Attendees of this webinar will learn the following:

  •  How file analysis tools mine content repositories to enforce security policy and retention mandates;
  • Techniques to address missing and incomplete records metadata;
  • Best practices for file migration and transformation; and,
  • Actionable strategies for preserving permanent electronic government records


Lori Ashley
Industry Market Development Manager

  Mark Evans
Senior Sales Engineer


Preservica is changing the way organizations around the world protect and future-proof critical long-term digital information. Available in the cloud (SaaS) or on premise, our award-winning active digital preservation software has been designed from the ground-up to tackle the unique challenges of ensuring digital information remains accessible and trustworthy over decades.

It’s a proven solution that's trusted by a growing number of businesses, archives, libraries, museums, and government organizations around the world - including HSBC; The Associated Press; Unilever; Pernod Ricard; the World Bank; Amnesty International; 23 US State Archives including Texas, California, and Massachusetts; Yale University Library; and the European Commission – to name a few.

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2/9/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Comfort of Your Home or Office
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