2020 Spring Online Forum

NAGARA’s 2020 Spring Online Forum: the Lifecycle of a Record followed the ubiquitous phases of a record, but with some twists! Attendees began the day with an overall look at what needs to be taken into account during future phases in the creation/receipt phase session. Next, attendees turned chaos into order during the declaration/filing phase session, and walked away with a helpful toolkit to help them create their own file plan. Session three led attendees through the maintenance and use of records, with a panel of records managers answering a list of information governance-related questions. Participants explored the important and at times esoteric storage/security phase, which focused not on physical buildings, but on security classification policies at the federal-government level. The day concluded with attendees examining what “defensible disposition” means and diving into various innovative methods for disposing of both legacy data and the ever-growing volume of electronic records.

We invite you to review the PowerPoint, handouts, and recordings from each of the sessions from this highly-attended online event by clicking the links below.

Forum registrants can access the session recordings below. All NAGARA members will obtain complimentary access to these recordings on October 1, 2020. NAGARA members and non-members alike may purchase access to these recordings at any time by e-mailing info@nagara.org (members: $49; non-members $79).

2020 Spring Online Forum Program Committee

  • Pari Swift, NAGARA Professional Development Committee Chair
  • Caryn Wojcik, NAGARA Regional Forums Subcommittee Chair