NAGARA's 2020 Winter Regional Forum was packed with opportunity to learn from some of the professions' best! Attendees of the Forum began the day by exploring the similarities between the transportation records offices and processes in two states (Michigan and Maryland) and the federal Department of Transportation, learning how records managers were able to work with their respective agencies on similar records-related problems, and hearing how agencies at different levels of government used the same records (such as drivers license records) in different ways. Guests of the Forum next had the opportunity to hear from a distinguished panel of experts who addressed several questions (some from the moderator and the rest from the registrants themselves) about the future of archives and records management at all levels of government, including the significant challenges facing us as government archivists and records mangagers, potential solutions to those challenges, what opportunities transitioning to digital record keeping might provide us, and what the future of our profession looks like! Attendees rounded out their day by learning from experts from NARA and the GSA who talked about the services they offer to Federal agencies when it comes to procuring records solutions (AND how state and local government agencies could take advantage of these same tools and solutions) and then by learning from records and IT professionals about how they can communicate better with each to advocate for the shared goals of preserving records and providing access to information!

Presentations and Handouts

LGARA Core Competency: 1 Credit under "Records and Information Management Basics"

LGARA Core Competency: 1 Credit under "Records & Information Management Basics" OR "Electronic Records and Information Management"

LGARA Core Competency: 1 Credit under "Electronic Records & Information Management"

LGARA Core Competency: 1 Credit under "Advocacy and Outreach"

2020 Winter Regional Forum Program Committee

  • Pari Swift, NAGARA Professional Development Committee Chair
  • Caryn Wojcik, NAGARA Regional Forums Subcommittee Chair
  • Arian Ravanbakhsh, National Archives and Records Administration
  • Patty Davis, US Department of Justice