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NAGARA's Online Forums, a membership benefit introduced in April 2018, provides members of NAGARA discounted access to online professional development opportunities from the comfort of their own home or office on a quarterly basis. Non-members may also enjoy these excellent learning opportunities for just $99.00.

Below is a list of NAGARA's 2020 Online Forums currently available for viewing. More events are forthcoming...

Upcoming NAGARA Online Forums

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2021 Winter Online Forum: Microsoft 365
With the rapid transition to telework, many government organizations have had to quickly adopt Microsoft 365 to continue their business operations. NAGARA's 2021 Winter Online Forum will focus on how archivists and records managers have successfully turned to and used Microsoft 365, and how your organization can too!

When: January 29, 2021
2021 Spring Online Forum: Emerging/Surging Technologies: Thinking Outside The Records Management Box
SAVE THE DATE! NAGARA’s 2021 Spring Online Forum will highlight emerging and surging technologies such as Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Smart Technologies. Some of these cutting-edge technologies can be used to solve traditional records management challenges. This Online Forum is generously sponsored by NAGARA's Strategic Partner: GovQA.

When: April 30, 2021
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SAVE THE DATE! Archives and Records management serve legal and compliance functions, and also have ensure compliance in a variety of areas. How can we keep up with laws and regulations? Can we partner with other professions for stronger compliance? This Online Forum is generously sponsored by NAGARA's Strategic Partner: Iron Mountain. Registration opens May 1, 2021.

When: July 30, 2021
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SAVE THE DATE! More and more archival collections are being received in electronic format. As archivists have spent more time teleworking, they may have turned their attention to how to better manage electronic records. This creates challenges for archivists such as appraisal and accessioning of large collections of structured data and unstructured records. This Online Forum is generously sponsored by NAGARA's Strategic Partner: Preservica. Registration opens August 1,... Details