PPS and CPT Seeking Expert Advice from NAGARA Members

10/28/2016 - 2:00PM

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The National Association of Government Archives and Records Administration (NAGARA) does not explicitly endorse outside groups like PPS or CPT, nor does it endorse specific initiatives or projects without the full support of the NAGARA Board of Directors. In this specific instance, the association takes no position on this project or initiative, but rather shares this information upon request with the NAGARA membership-at-large. Interested parties should contact Dan Hyman at dhyman@ourpublicservice.org for more information).

Volunteer Records Management Consultant for Presidential Transition Project The Center for Presidential Transition (the Center) is seeking temporary pro bono advice in our efforts to develop a comprehensive system for gathering presidential transition records and making them easily accessible to the next Administration, future presidential transition teams, federal civilian employees, political scientists, other researchers and scholars, and the general public. Our goal is to create a ‘presidential library’ for presidential transitions.

The Center is the only organization that works with presidential candidates and their transition teams, the incumbent administration, and career civil servants to navigate the transition process and ensure that the next President is ready to govern on day one in office. The Center serves as a growing repository for documentation from presidential transitions, including tools and templates for transition participants, data sets, presentations, reports, blog posts, interactive and multi-media, news stories and links to resources developed by other organizations. It offers guidance on how to set up and execute a transition, works with the outgoing administration to encourage a smooth transfer of power, shares management recommendations for the new administration to address the government’s talent and operational challenges, engages Congress to promote presidential transition reforms and prepares new political appointees to lead effectively. The Center is a dedicated initiative of the Partnership for Public Service (the Partnership), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization in Washington, DC that works to revitalize the federal government to strengthen the civil service, improve the management and leadership capacity of government executives, and inspire a new generation to serve. See http://presidentialtransition.org/.

The Center is producing content for the 2016-2017 transition process, collecting material in the possession of former presidential transition team members, and anticipating the receipt of hundreds of documents and materials produced by the 2016 presidential transition teams and others involved in the transition process. The Center is seeking to create a consistent approach to the collection, storage and retrieval of material and documents from previous, current and future presidential transition teams, and to make those materials searchable and accessible. The Center’s Publication and Resource library currently has over 400 items on the digital platform available to the public, along with many other items that have not been published. The collection is expected to grow exponentially after the 2016-2017 transition. The Center also seeks an appropriate way to make federal agency records related to transition available through the Center’s platform where those records are already publicly available.

The Center seeks the assistance of a records and information management practitioner, preferably with experience in a federal agency, who has the capacity to provide pro bono services on the development of this project. Those services would be organized in two phases: the initial process of assisting the Center in understanding and addressing the full range of issues involved in managing the records and information in the Center’s possession (both currently and in the future), and an implementation phase. The project includes, but is not limited to: development of appropriate policies and procedures, assessment of the need for specialized software, and other principles and practices needed to create, organize and maintain a valuable repository that will effectively serve those interested in one of our country’s most hallowed traditions – the peaceful transfer of power.

If interested, please contact Dan Hyman at dhyman@ourpublicservice.org to further discuss this project. The Partnership offers a limited number of rotational assignments to career civil servants through the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program, which may be an option for current federal employees.