Passing of Dan Cantrall

Dan Cantrall, retired Archivist and Records Manager at the Oregon State Archives passed away on May 4th from complications of Esophageal Cancer. Dan was a pioneer of sorts at the Archives, always looking for the latest and greatest technological advancement to implement in our work. He was instrumental in making the Oregon State Archives the first Archives in the world onto the World Wide Web in January, 1994. Our new website made its debut on "What's New with NCSA Mosaic," the main directory of new websites at that time and we immediately saw logins to our server from all over Oregon and the world. We had over 2000 visitors that first month indicating an immediate response that continues today with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors coming to see what new information has been posted. In a paper presented at the Second International World Wide Web Conference in 1994, Cantrall described our new web presence as the most successful outreach program in our history. He wasn’t exaggerating! The World Wide Web has allowed us to serve our customers in new and better ways, revolutionizing how we present and provide information about Oregon government.

In addition to all of his work at the state Archives, Dan was the first webmaster for NAGARA, not only creating NAGARA’s web-presence but adding to and maintaining web-pages for more than 10 years. In addition, he was an active presenter at NAGARA conferences and was legendary for the trips that he would plan, often while at the conference. The most memorable of these trips was at the Sacramento when the Conference hotel was right next door to an REI and a bike shop. He went in, bought a bike and all of the gear, had his conference items shipped backed to Oregon and rode “home.” Although he didn’t quite make it all the way back to Salem, the adventure was relived at most future conferences that he attended.

Dan leaves behind his wife Edna, son Neil (Kelsie), three grandsons and his large Archives and Records Management family.