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NARA???s Future Lies with Its Staff

Posted on 12/31/2014
By David S. FerrieroArchivist of the United States My past three columns have focused on three of the four goals of our new Strategic Plan--Make Access Happen, Connect with Customers, and Maximize NARA???s Value to Our Nation. The fourth, and most im

NARA Seeks to "Maximize" its Value to Nation

Posted on 11/17/2014
By David S. FerrieroArchivist of the United States In two previous columns, I discussed the first two of four goals of the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan for the National Archives and Records Administration. The first was ???Make Access Happen,??? a review

NARA Puts Increased Emphasis on Customer Service

Posted on 9/17/2014
By David S. FerrieroArchivist of the United States Previously in this space, I wrote about what we will be doing in the next few years in pursuit of one of our four strategic goals: Make Access Happen. We???re doing it at more than 40 facilities nati

US Archivist Reflects on NARA's New 5-Year Strategic Plan

Posted on 8/4/2014
By David S. FerrieroArchivist of the United States A few months ago, it was my pleasure to sign off on a document that will guide the National Archives into a bold new future???our Strategic Plan for 2014 to 2018. This is not a top-secret document fo

NARA: Scanning the Past to Make Access Happen

Posted on 6/17/2014
By David S. FerrieroArchivist of the United States The National Archives??? commitment to open government is clear in our mission: We drive openness, cultivate public participation, and strengthen our nation???s democracy through public access to hig

NARA to Host March 31st Webinar on New Strategic Plan

Posted on 3/20/2014
The National Archives and Records Administration has finalized its new strategic plan for the period 2014-2018. Archivist of the United States David Ferriero invites colleagues outside NARA to learn more and ask questions, during a Strategic Plan Bri

MSU Libraries publish guide to state government documents

Posted on 3/20/2014
The Michigan State University Libraries have published Michigan State Government Documents: A Researcher???s Guide to Indexes, Finding Aids, and Reference Tools. Librarians, archivists, and scholars now have a convenient, comprehensive resource to id