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From the AOTUS: Remembering Vietnam, 50 Years After

Posted on 12/13/2017
More than 50 years after the United States committed combat troops to the war in Vietnam, and more than 40 years since the war ended, the complexity of the conflict is still being unraveled.

What We’re Looking For: Taking Your Session Proposal from Good to Excellent

Posted on 10/31/2017
ARCHIVES*RECORDS Program Committee members’ thoughts on what they’ll be looking for during the proposal evaluation process.

From the AOTUS: Ensuring Relevancy for the 21st Century and Beyond

Posted on 10/3/2017
In the first year of each administration, Federal agencies revise their strategic plans and outline goals for the next four years. We posted our draft Strategic Plan for review and comment in August.

Missouri State Archives Case Study

Posted on 9/21/2017
The Missouri State Archives encourages other NAGARA members to review this recently completed case study demonstrating to other institutions that managing electronic records does not have to come at an incredible cost.

Solicitation for Comments: NARA's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

Posted on 8/24/2017
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) invites comments on the draft of their 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.

New Mexico Historical Records Advisory Board Call for Consultants

Posted on 8/15/2017
The New Mexico Historical Records Advisory Board (NMHRAB) is conducting a search for qualified archivists, conservators, and records managers to do consulting work with historical records repositories.

From the AOTUS: Reclaiming Stolen History

Posted on 7/28/2017
NARA's primary mission is to provide access to the records in our control. We recognize that these records are of incalculable value to people looking to understand their history, seek out evidence, and document rights...

Passing of Dan Cantrall

Posted on 7/20/2017
Dan Cantrall, first webmaster for NAGARA, who not only created NAGARA’s web-presence but added to and maintained its web-pages for more than 10 years has passed.

Day of Data for Digitization Cost Calculator

Posted on 6/8/2017
Federal funding is now available to state and local governments and certain private non-profit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities damaged by the severe storms, tornado

Digitizing State Records May Not Be Cheaper, Experts Say

Posted on 5/30/2017
The state of Illinois has always leased space to store documents, but recently lawmakers have been critical of the Rauner administration spending $2.4 million over five years on a Springfield warehouse.

From the AOTUS: A New Model for Preserving Presidential Records

Posted on 5/25/2017
The plans for the Obama Presidential Center are unfolding and highlight the vital role that the National Archives plays as custodian of our nation’s records. The following is an excerpt of an interview with David Ferriero, Archivist of the United Sta