NAGARA Annual Awards Program

Nominations Process

A person does not need to be a NAGARA member to submit a nomination for a NAGARA award. Nomination information and deadlines will be announced by NAGARA, and NAGARA reserves the right not to select an award recipient in a given year if it deems no qualified nominee was received. Winners will be notified in advance of the Annual Business Meeting.

Submitting Nominations

Nominations must include the name(s) and contact information of the nominee, the name and contact information of the nominator, an abstract not to exceed 200 words, and a narrative statement of 500 – 1500 words indicating why this person/program should receive the award. Endorsement letters, news articles, and other supporting documentation may also be submitted along with the letter of nomination. To place an awards nomination, please click the SUBMIT NOW button below.

The application period for submitting a nomination for a 2021 Annual Award is now open. The deadline to submit nominations is April 30, 2021.

NAGARA Program Excellence Award

Award Description

The NAGARA Program Excellence Award recognizes outstanding, innovative and successful government archives and records management programs or initiatives. This award was established to recognize a collaborative team or government program for the development and implementation of a creative product or program that enhances the goals of government records management and preservation.

Previous Award Recipients:

2020 - Vermont Agency of Human Services Records and Information Management Steering Committee
2019 - Michigan Records Management Services
2018 - Georgetown (TX) Utilities Systems Records Management Project
2017 - Snake River Basin Adjudication & Idaho State Archive Government Records Archivists
2016 - Greene County Records Center & Archives 
2013 - The NSA/CSS Records Management Policy Office

Selection Criteria

This award is open to all NAGARA members. The product, project or program must be administered under the authority of a NAGARA member (individual or government program), or a NAGARA member (individual or government program) must be able to demonstrate that (s)he/they played a significant role in developing and implementing the product or program.

In selecting those who will receive the award, consideration will be given to innovative and/or successful programs or activities that have been of positive benefit to the institution, the community the institution serves, and/or to the profession. Such criteria may include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Collaboration: Has the program shown a high level of collaboration within the institution or between the institution and outside agencies/organizations? The program should cross new boundaries and be creative in seeking out collaborations that strengthen the records management or archival program.

Replicability: Can the program be replicated by other institutions? Program should use resources and tools that are accessible to all and be applicable to situations faced by many institutions.

Innovation and Creativity: The program should demonstrate a high degree of innovation and creativity. It should not rely wholly on the application of techniques or procedures that are common practice in most government archives and records management programs of similar population size. Does the program use existing resources creatively? Does the program develop new technologies or methods of approaching issues? Examples of innovation could be: developing new services for customers; creating techniques for recruiting new customers; generating new revenue sources; improving the administration of, or enhancing the cost effectiveness of, an existing service; enhancing the level of understanding and appreciation about government recordkeeping issues; developing a creative way of implementing a new legal requirement, etc.

Impact: The program must demonstrate high impact and leadership. What impact does the program have on the institution or community? How does it enhance the goals of archives and record management? Who benefited from the program? Has the product or program led to measurable efficiencies and/or cost savings? Has the product or program significantly improved service delivery or operations? Can the product or program be replicated in other government programs? Did the product or program overcome barriers to success?

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