Creekside Digital is focused on the creation and verification of digitized assets compliant with the FADGI guidelines and NARA / OMB M-19-21 regulations.  Headquartered just 54 miles from Capitol Hill in beautiful Glen Arm, MD, we operate the nation’s largest facility exclusively dedicated to the creation of standards-compliant still images and metadata, and have been creating FADGI 3-Star compliant assets at scale for almost 10 years.  We also verify digitized records for strict compliance with M-19-21, producing detailed audit reports which can help support compliance in case of litigation.  If you need scanning for your FADGI 3-Star or M-19-21 project (either onsite at your agency or at our service bureau) or verification of digitized records prior to deposit with NARA under M-19-21, contact us today.

 OVERVIEW: Are you planning an upcoming digitization project? Are you concerned about the upcoming NARA / OMB M-19-21 deadline and its effects on your agency’s permanent analog records? Have you already digitized your permanent records, but you’re not sure if they’re compliant with all, some, or any of M-19-21’s more technical requirements? Fear not, NAGARA members!

During this presentation, Creekside Digital’s Jim Studnicki discuss Creekside Digital’s standards-compliant still image digitization services in detail, with a focus on supported materials and formats as well as ensuring compliance against the upper levels of FADGI and all parts of M-19-21 for permanent records.  Jim also gives the NAGARA community a sneak peek at Creekside Digital’s upcoming Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for comprehensive, on-demand, massively scalable FADGI and M-19-21 compliance auditing, and discuss Creekside Digital’s plans to publish and open-source sample Statements of Work and accompanying machine-readable digitization project specifications for use by records managers and archival workers across the nation and beyond.  These specs can be used to ensure that if you vend out your digitization to Creekside Digital or any other vendor (or choose to do it yourself), you will get what you need -- measurable quality and verified compliance with the requisite regulations – as well as maximum value for dollar and properly digitized, validated assets that support all use cases now and far into the future.

PRESENTER: Jim Studnicki, President, Creekside Digital